Indoor Cat Enrichment [Infographic]

Are you part of a growing number of Australian cat owners keeping beloved pet cats indoors?  

If so, you probably know this keeps them safe – from all sorts of harm, including getting stolen, injured or even killed in road accidents and animal attacks.  

It keeps your cat from mischief and helps to protect our native wildlife too. 

But that is not the end of the story.  

While cats are adaptable creatures and most will adapt to living their lives indoors,  it is important for cat parents to provide suitable environmental enrichment to meet the welfare needs of their cats.  

And by doing so, prevent common health and behavioural issues.  

Providing enrichment for your cat means enabling your cat to exhibit its natural behaviours, such as stalking, hunting, jumping, as much as possible indoors.  

Have you covered all the bases when it comes to enriching the life of your indoor cat?

Check out the infographic below, which presents a classification of enrichment strategies for indoor cats, with examples.

Infographic: Environmental Enrichment Strategies for Indoor Cats

The above infographic is based on a research paper published in The Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.  

We hope it provides a framework to help you assess what you may have done already.  

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