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one cat, one cubby at a time

Want to give your kittens or indoor kitty a place to hide, lounge on or simply their own special nook to watch the world from? Something more aesthetic, robust and durable than cardboard?


Introducing a cat cubby that is modular, made in Australia using recycled plastic and natural fabric, which you can put together with ease, and just as easily take apart.


Help shape the development of a ground-breaking product, designed and built with circularity in mind.

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The Sustainable Cat Cubby

For indoor cats and cat parents who love the environment as much as their pets


Recycled Plastic

Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

Natural Fabric

Australian Made


Modular Design

The modular design means you can choose a configuration that suits your needs and circumstances.  


We all know cats can be totally unpredictable and changeable when it comes to their preferences. 


The modular design also enables you to add on when they outgrow the basic unit, or reassemble and swap things around so that it retains its novelty factor.

Recycled Plastic

Plastic has improved our lives in many ways. But it has also become a serious pollution problem. 

Recycling is one of the ways to deal with the problem of plastic waste but the rate of plastic recycling in Australia is too low.  


We've created this cat cubby using recycled plastic in order to help divert recyclable plastics from landfill.  Which means you can be part of the solution too.

cat with empty plastic bottles


Help shape the development of the Sustainable Cat Cubby

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