Bonding With Your Dog – Tips From a Dog Trainer

Have you recently acquired a pet dog, like many people during the pandemic? Perhaps you would like a special and stronger bond with your dog; one that improves well-being both ways and develops with time? In this post, we look at the human-dog bond, and talk with dog trainer and children’s books author Susan Day,

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The Best Way to Help a Stray Cat in Australia

According to the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation, an estimated 3-9% of Australian adults feed a cat (or two) daily but do not claim ownership, which makes these cats unowned, or semi-owned. These domestic but stray cats and kittens roam the streets and end up being impounded. They make up the vast majority of intake at

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Indoor Cat Enrichment [Infographic]

Are you part of a growing number of Australian cat owners keeping beloved pet cats indoors?   If so, you probably know this keeps them safe – from all sorts of harm, including getting stolen, injured or even killed in road accidents and animal attacks.   It keeps your cat from mischief and helps to protect our

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8 Simple Ways to Catify Your Home

When you’re a cat parent, you want your fur baby to be happy, healthy and safe. But it takes more than just food and shelter. You need to create an environment that allows your cat to express its natural instincts. Read on and discover eight simple ways to catify your home, making it a purrfect

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tabby-cat lying on top of 5 cushions

The Best Material for Pet Beds

Every purchasing decision we make has an impact, not only on the well-being of our pets but also on the environment and the economy.   As it turns out, in our choice of pet beds and bedding, we may be unwittingly contributing to the damage being done to our planet’s delicate ecosystems.  The fabrics used for

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