About Us

We are an Australian social business with a mission to help pet owners rethink waste and enrich lives.  

We offer sustainably sourced and manufactured products and channel the profits to support the rescue and rehoming of cats and dogs. 


Accidental Cat Rescuers

Our founding story began when we adopted our first cat from an animal shelter.  We kept her wholly indoors for her safety and to protect the wildlife.  We doted on her but only came to learn about species-appropriate diets for cats and the need for environmental enrichment, when we had to deal with her persistent health and behavioural problems. 

One day, we pulled out a frail and tiny kitten from inside a wall cavity, which thrusted us into the world of kitten/cat rescue.  A few months later, we found ourselves in a saga to trap the stray mama cat,  who had another litter of kittens tucked away in the roof.  It highlighted the plight of unwanted cats and dogs and made us realise how challenging the work of animal rescue is, physically, emotionally, and financially.  It spurred us towards wanting to support rescue work in a more deliberate and sustained manner.

Sustainable Consumption Is Not Enough

Like many Australians, we try to manage the waste we produce from consumption, by reusing, reducing and recycling. We avoid products with excessive packaging, bring our own food and drink containers. We have a worm farm for kitchen scraps and a backyard compost.  And diligently put household plastics, glass, paper and cans into the recycling bin.


But it all came to a head when Australia's recycling crisis came to light.  We were confronted by the spectre of the piles of recyclables, especially plastic waste, going nowhere, ultimately ending up in landfill.


As well, the way many pet products are made means that they inevitably end up as hard rubbish and the landfill.  It doesn't have to be.


It was time to lift the game.

Sustainable Pet is Hatched


As the pandemic unfolded in 2020, we incubated the business to offer sustainably-made and sourced products for our beloved pets.  We began R&D on our flagship product, a modular cat cubby designed with circularity in mind.  


Our Vision

A circular economy where waste is designed out, value regenerated from waste and benefits are retained in the community

Our Mission

Help pet owners rethink waste and enrich lives

Our Values

  • Sustainability
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity


Melbourne-based and cat-owned, Ling is a former international development aid worker and educator who has worked in various roles and organisations and across different sectors. 

These days, when she's not hatching ideas to make the world a better place, she's pottering about in the garden, deadheading and pruning, ever hopeful about improved outcomes for the plant, and the planet.


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