8 Simple Ways to Catify Your Home

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When you’re a cat parent, you want your fur baby to be happy, healthy and safe.

But it takes more than just food and shelter.

You need to create an environment that allows your cat to express its natural instincts.

Read on and discover eight simple ways to catify your home, making it a purrfect haven for your beloved kitty.

1. Make Use of Vertical Space

Cats love high places. Vertical space allows them to observe the world around them and feel safe.

Ideas to create more vertical space in your home include freeing up some shelves for kitty passage, stacking furniture, using a step ladder, and getting a cat tree.

Not only will it satisfy your cat’s need to climb, it may also provide a more attractive alternative to jumping on your kitchen counter or dining table!


2. Provide Scratching Surfaces

Scratching is a way for cats to mark territory, stretch their muscles and remove the outer layer of their claws.

If you don’t provide them with proper places to do this, you’ll end up with ruined furniture, rugs and carpet.

To avoid this, place scratching posts or cat scratchers in places where your kitty normally likes to scratch.

And make sure they’re high and large enough to allow for a full stretch.

3. Provide Hiding Places

It doesn’t matter if you have a confident, shy or timid cat.

What is important is to provide a hiding place where they can sleep, keep warm and feel safe.

This could take the form of cardboard boxes, a cat cave behind the sofa or a comfy cushion on your work desk.

4. Provide Toys

Like their wild ancestors, cats love to hunt, which is why it is important for them to have play-hunting as part of their daily routine.

Provide toys in the form of mice, fish and birds and your cat can engage in self-play or interactive play-hunting with their humans.

Just remember to rotate them regularly so your cat doesn’t lose interest.

5. Change Their Water Regularly

Cats get dehydrated if they don’t drink enough water.

Reluctance to drink can happen when water is stagnant or contaminated by food and other debris.

To encourage your cat to drink, change their water bowl twice a day and keep it away from food.

Some cats prefer running water, such as from a tap.

Consider getting a pet-drinking fountain to provide a running source of water.

6. Keep Their Litter Tray/s Clean

Cats are fastidious about cleanliness.

That’s why you should clean their tray/s every day and change the litter once a week.

Cats also like privacy, so keep the litter setup well away from food bowls or high-traffic areas.

7. Give Them Grass

Cats love to eat grass.

Not only does it stop them from eating other plants, but it also provides trace elements and helps them with elimination.

Follow these easy steps to grow your own cat grass.

Keep containers of cat grass in various parts of the house so your cat can nibble on them as needed.

8. Give Them Fresh Air

Cats need fresh air, just like humans.

Your cat will benefit from having access to fresh air from the safety of your home.

Open your windows (make sure you have sturdy and secure flyscreens), and let your kitty take in the sights and smells of nature.

For a more immersive experience, walk them outside on a leash or set up an outdoor cat enclosure or catio.

This allows them to explore your garden without the risk of getting lost or hurt.

In Summary

Making your home a haven for your cat is simple and it doesn’t need to be expensive with some creativity and basic DIY skills.

By providing vertical space, hiding places, appropriate scratching structures, interactive play, thoughtful access to water, litter trays and other resources, you can make your home into the purr-fect haven for your kitty!

Have you come across other simple and creative ways to catify your home?  Let us know in comments!

Want more ideas for keeping your indoor cat happy and healthy?


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