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5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Pet Warm

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Many Australian homes do not have good energy efficiency, resulting in the need for electrical heating and cooling all year round. 

Hence it is hardly a surprise that many pet owners turn on specific electrical appliances to keep their animals warm in winter.  Who wouldn’t when it’s freezing cold?! 

But that adds to high and rising power bills, not to mention that carbon footprint! 

In this article, we outline 5 ways to keep your pets warm without raising the power bill or carbon footprint.

1. Snuggle Up Together

Number one on our list to keep warm is to snuggle up with your pet.  On the couch or even in bed if your boundaries extend to the bedroom.  

It costs nothing, is zero-carbon and what’s more, it helps to release those happy, feel-good hormones. 

2. Pet Clothing

Every pet has different needs and different tolerances to cold.  

Older pets, smaller pets and short-haired dogs like chihuahuas and boxers need more protection than a husky, for example.  

Jackets, sweaters, vests and even booties for dogs come in many designs and materials so it’s easy to keep your dog warm with a layer of protective clothing.  

However, given the environmental harm posed by micro-plastics released from the washing of synthetic clothing, it may be time to avoid polyester fleece in favour of natural materials like wool.  

3. Pet Bedding

Keep your pet beds and sleeping areas away from draughts. Use door snakes and extra blankets.  

And like pet clothing, choose bedding for your pets that is made from natural fibres like wool and cotton. 

4. Passive Solar Heating

Cats are experts in seeking out sources of heat for themselves. 

You may have noticed your cat staking out sunny spots around the home. 

Take your cue from this and utilise the power of passive solar heating.  

In other words, use the sun as a free source of heating, by placing pet beds in areas and rooms that get sun in winter.  

In Australia, a north-facing orientation is best. 

5. Movement and Exercise

Just like us, an important way to keep pets warm is to keep them active during winter. 

Do not skip regular walks and outdoor activity for your dog, even if the weather isn’t the most welcoming. 

Given their access to the outdoors and regular walks, it can be easier to keep dogs warm through movement and activity. 

For cats and other pets contained indoors, find ways to encourage play and activity, such as longer play-hunting sessions. 

All in all, having a warm and energy efficient home helps every member of the household, including pets.  

If you’d like to know more about how to improve your household energy use, check out these CSIRO  tips on Giving High Power Bills the Cold Shoulder.

All power to you!

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